2.0 Movie Review Blue Sattai Maran Thrashed 2.0 |

In his review for 2.0, Maaran comes up with spoiler alert for the first time though he always revealed the story of the film in his reviews. Maaran accepts that 2.0 is a pride of Indian cinema and suggests every family to go to a quality theatre with good sound, light and 3D technology.

In his 9 minute review Maaran, narrates the stiry of the film to his viewers for 3 minutes and advertised for 4 minutes where he thrashed the movie for its lack of story, screenplay in the time left.

“Shankar would always use the technology for a very strong script but in this movie it is other way around. Though he justify this film scientifically, we could see that it a horror movie. Raghava Lawrenece would take a better entertaining horror movie than this with lower budget.” says Maaran who also bashed the 3.0 introduction in the movie.

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